The First Visit

West Michigan Pediatric Dentistry is accepting new pediatric dental patients. We accept many insurance programs including Medicaid. We will file claims with your insurance company for you. Please call us at (616) 392-2381 to set up a child’s appointment.

Preparing For The First Visit

We suggest that you help prepare your child for their 1st visit by discussing it with them in the following ways.

  • Explain that one of the dentists will look at your child’s smile and count their teeth.
  • Do NOT mention that it won’t hurt or unpleasant things like shots, or drills. The idea that it may hurt may have never entered their heads. Often times procedures are able to be completed with out any pain.
  • If you are able to relax and expect them to do well they often will.

There will be a few forms to fill out at the first visit. If you prefer to fill them out at home in advance they will be sent to us securely.

New Patient Form

New Patient Form (Español)

The First Visit

Upon arrival we will have you complete any required forms you were unable to complete prior to your child’s visit.

When it is time for us to see your child you are welcome to accompany your child. By accompanying your child you are able to see us interacting with your child. This also allows us to directly discuss our findings and recommend treatment with you. We strongly encourage that parents play the role of silent observer during these visits and have the child take directions from the dentist. It becomes confusing for children when they have multiple people giving them directions. Additional, it is helpful if siblings remain in the waiting area when possible.

Early regular visits to the pediatric dentist will build a trust that will help young children prepare for a lifetime of good dental check-ups.